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Interior Plant Studio


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We offer wholesale pricing with no minimum amounts and
US shipping or local delivery in the Portland metro area included.

Flora Upcycled Sprayer

Less plastic more plants! This upcycled sprayer is good for plant or all-purpose misting/spraying.

16oz upcycled glass bottle (bottle shape may vary) with high quality sprayer and waterproof flora label.
Sprayers come with a cardstock tag.

$5 wholesale / $10 Suggested Retail

Variegated Monstera Patch

Our tribute to the beautiful and elusive Variegated Monstera.

3.25” W x 3.5” H
Embroidery on black felt backing (not iron-on)

$4 wholesale / $8 Suggested Retail
Patch comes with backing and plastic sleeve.

Houseplant Specimen Prints

The Houseplant Specimen series celebrates the beauty of the foliage that inhabits our interior spaces.

Printed by Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon using a 13-ink color process on enhanced matte paper with rich blacks and vibrant colors.
Prints come packed in plastic sleeves with backing board.

Includes Sanseveria, Red Ruby Ficus, Monstera, Alocasia, Begonia Maculata and Calathea Lacifolia.

8.5" x 11" / $9 Wholesale / $18 Retail

Garden Hankies

Featuring a procession of garden foliage and critters, our hankie is soft enough to polish delicate leaves but hardy enough to pick up any spills left by a leaky watering can.

14" x 14"
100% Cotton
'Soil' Black (Pine green sold out)
Small batch discharge printed in Philadelphia by Man Vs. Ink

$7/ Wholesale / $15 Suggested Retail