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From our plant toolbox to yours, a selection of products made for the gardening enthusiast in all of us.

Flora Upcycled Plant Sprayer

Flora Upcycled Plant Sprayer


Sprayers are always in our toolbox, we use them to mist tropical plants and spray off pesky pests. In an effort to reduce our plastic footprint we make ours with upcycled 16oz glass bottles, a high quality adjustable trigger and a waterproof Flora label. These also make great all-purpose sprayers!

We tested a variety of triggers and found these to be of the best quality and range from a very fine mist to a hard spray. Bottle shape may vary, some previous labeling may remain (ex. the lovely florals on Ferment bottles, see in photos)

If you have a preference for label design (green/pink/cream) please leave a note and we’re happy to accommodate.

Shipped in re-used packaging, USA shipping included.
All proceeds benefit the Ocean Conservancy and their mission (among others) to protect Florida waters.

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