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Houseplant Toolkit

Keeping a simple toolkit makes plant care satisfying and fun- here are a few of our favorites, use them as a starting point for your own kit, building on it as you find new tools you like.

The House Plant Expert by D.G.Hessayon
A great book to keep on hand for plant identification and troubleshooting.

Available in the Flora Noble Shop.

A must-have in your kit, a trowel should be sturdy and fit nicely in your hand. Red Pig Tools in Boring, Oregon makes hand forged tools in various sizes that will last a lifetime.

Our pick: 2.5” Trowel (larger and smaller sizes available)

Pruning Scissors
Keep your scissors clean and dry so they stay nice and sharp!

Our Picks:
Japanese Garden Scissors
Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Scissors

Watering Can
Make your watering ritual special by finding a can you love, we’re partial to Haws, they come in many sizes and colors in plastic and metal finishes.

Our Pick: Haws Plastic Outdoor Conservatory Watering Can

Spray Bottle
A clean re-purposed a bottle works well, looking for a sprayer that can be set from a fine mist to a direct spray (useful for manually removing plant pests).

Gardening Gloves
Leather gloves are durable but we like lightweight gloves for indoor gardening.

Our Pick: Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves


Houseplants like a balanced fertilizer with a 1:1:1 NPK ratio. We prefer organic liquid fertilizer since its easier to incorporate into a care routine (be sure to follow dilution instructions).

Our Pick: Dr. Earth Pot-of-Gold Gold Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer

Horticultural Oil
Horticultural oils are a non-toxic way to control most common houseplant pests. Look for organic and year-round or all-season usage. To prevent damage carefully follow label directions.

Our Pick: Mother Earth Horicultural Oil

Artificial Lighting
In winter or lower light situations artificial light is a great option for indoor plants. We use CFL 60 watt (or less) equivalent bulbs that are daylight calibrated within a range of 5000-6500 Kelvins.

Our Pick: EcoSmart 14W 5000K Spiral CFL Light Bulb