Flora Noble
Interior Plant Studio


House Plant Toolkit

Keeping a simple toolkit on hand makes plant care satisfying and fun- here are a few of our favorites, use them as a starting point for your own kit, building on it as you find new tools you like.


The House Plant Expert by D.G.Hessayon
A great book to keep on hand for plant identification and trouble shooting.

We prefer liquid fertilizer as its easier to incorporate into a care routine, be sure to follow dilution instructions.

Horticultural Oil
Horticultural Oils are a non-toxic way to control most common houseplant pests. Look for organic and year-round or all-season usage. To prevent damage carefully follow label directions.

Pruning Scissors
Keep your scissors clean and dry so they stay nice and sharp!

Gardening Gloves
Leather gloves are durable but heavier, lightweight gloves are more versatile, we find we tend to use them more.

Artificial Lighting
In winter or lower light situations artificial light is a great option for indoor plants. We use CFL 60 watt equivalent bulbs that are daylight calibrated, within a range of 5000-6500 Kelvins.